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Ultrasonic Active Solders

Active solders are a special class of solder filler metals that contain active elements such as In, Ti, Hf, Zr and rare earth elements (Ce, La, and Lu). Active means they readly react with and reduce oxides and other compounds to form a modified compound that binds the solder filler metal to the base materials. Solders when alloyed with these elements are called active since they directly act on the metal/glass/ceramic surfaces to create a bond. S-Bond Technologies, specializes in active solder technology and offers a range of active solders that work extremely well in fluxless, ultrasonic soldering processes.

The cavitation created by ultrasonic solder tips and horns in molten solder pools can be very effective in disrupting the stable oxides that form on molten active solders. This disruption is a critcal part for ultrasonic active solders to adhere to stable metals,  ceramics and glass. 

For many years Indium and Cerasolzer solders have been considered "active" and have been used in combination with ultrasonic soldering processes to bond to glasses.  S-Bond Technologies, has developed a new, more effectrive family of ultrasonic soldering-capable alloys which rely on addtions Ti, rare earth elements, gallium and in some cases magnesium to Sn, Sn-Ag, Sn-In, Bi-Sn and Zn-Al base solders. These ultrasonic active solders work extremely well in combination with ultrasonic soldering processes for bonding to metals, ceramics, glasses and composites.  

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