Ultrasonic Soldering

Laboratory Trials & Equipment Leasing Available

S-Bond Technologies has over 15 years of ultrasonic soldering experience, soldering a wide range of materials and we offer our experience, equipment and materials to support customers needs, now including the lease and/or purchase of ultrasonic soldering systems. S-Bond Technologies working with its  with customer has realized that some customers want to "kick the tires" of their own processes in their own facilities.  Therefore, we  now offer lease and lease-purchase arrangements with various commerical ultrasonic soldering systems. With the high expense of such sytems, leasing month by month offers customers the ability to conduct their own trials at their faciltiies before they commit to purchasing.  Alternatively, we can provide development laboratory services with customer witnessing first hand at our facility,   the benefits of ultrasonic soldering processes and S-Bond active solders.

Ultrasonic soldering technology is presented on another page in this site and there are many references that speak to its advantage. There are several advantages to ultrasonic soldering... It is a fluxless process, utiizing acoustically driven mechanical engery to fracture and disrupt oxide films on solder and base materials to promote solder wetting and and adherence. Flux can contaminate and damage/corrode senstive materias, so fluxless soldering is advantageous. Ultrasonic soldering can also be very useful in senstive base materials, since the soldering iron tips only need be immersed in the molten solder pool for the mechanical activation to work. 







Ultrasonic Soldering Testing and Production Services

S-Bond Technologies has its own ultrasonic soldering iron and solder pot systems and with its experience can quickly make assessments, develop and demonstrate ultrasonicsoldering processes on customer parts. Since ultrasonic soldering systems are expensive ( $7,000 - 15,000 USD), our services can be used to quickly evalute the technology in their own applications before they invest in their own systems. Alternatively, if the customer cannot justify the cost of their own systems or to maintaining another operator skill set, then S-Bond Technologies offers production ultrasonic soldering services.

Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment

S-Bond Technologies maitains and uses many hand held ultrasonic soldering iron system and with its partners we can support the purchase and training and set up such systems.

We also have several ultrasonic solder pot sytems and can support your evaluation and purhase of such systems from various equipment manufacturers based on our years in business with these suppliers.



Please Contact Us, if you would like to purchase ultrasonic soldering services, conduct process development, or purchase S-Bond solder materials or Test Kits.