Low Temperature S-Bond 140 Alloy

S-Bond® 140 is lower temperature active solder that melts from 135 – 140°C. The solder, is based around the Bismuth-Tin (Bi-Sn) eutectic composition. This solder enables multi-step soldering where previously soldered connections/seals are not remelted. Applications are in thermally sensitive applications where Sn-Ag based solders that melt over 215°C can thermally degrade the component parts being assembled. Lower temperature soldering also can more effectively bond dissimilar materials where thermal expansion mismatch many times fractures or distorts an assembly’s component parts.

S-Bond 140 is being used in LED packages, glass-metal seals in electronic packages where higher temperature soldering alloys would have damaged the packages’ components, heat pipes and vapor chambers that have been charged with phase change materials that cannot be exposed to temperatures over 200°C.

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