Sputter Targets

S-Bond® active solders enable the joining of dissimilar metals and ceramics to each other and to other metals. S-Bond filler metal alloys produce reliable joints with copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steels, titanium, chromium, nickel alloys, refractory metal alloys and many ceramics including alumina, zirconia, AlN and SiC. S-Bond also joins to most semiconductors including Si, GaAs, CIGS, etc.

S-Bond joins…

  • Directly, without the use of flux.
  • Without pre-plating steps, eliminating multiple step coating processes.
  • At temperatures below 400ºC, preventing the distortion and softening of metals and preventing ceramic fractures.

The joints produced by S-Bond active solders are:

  • Strong (> 5,000 psi shear)
  • Ductile, based on Sn-Ag or Sn-In alloys
  • Capable of service temperatures up to 190ºC.

S-Bond® solders directly bond metals to each other, ceramic and other semiconductor materials. S-Bond® simplifies the joining of many typical sputter target geometries. The joining materials are Pb-free and their temperature capabilities exceed that of Indium. For example, S-Bond 220 and 220M joined sputter targets interfaces have shear strengths of 3 – 5,000 psi (20-32 MPa) and can be taken to 195ºC without any significant lowering of the room temperature values.

Contact Us for a demonstration of S-Bond’s unique ability to meet your sputter targets joining requirements. There is also a technical bulletin available about Sputter Targets.