Avionics / Radar Thermal Management

Avionics and radar require high power in small spaces, thus creating high demands on thermal management components. From high power transients to constant power demands, the electronics require efficient, active cooling. S-Bond is successful in making advanced heat sinks, thermal storage units, heat pipes, and vapor chambers. S-Bond's unique ability to join metals, graphite, and ceramics make it well suited to assemble some of the most advanced thermal management components being used in aerospace and defense applications.


Metallic foams and graphite foams are being used to improve cooling and with phase change fluids, where heat is extracted quickly in heat loads that spike or are intermittant. S-Bond alloys have found application in bonding metallic foams, graphite foams and pyrolytic graphite and in diamond and metal:ceramic composites that are all being used in high power density avionic and radar environments.


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